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White Lake is a residential lake located in the township of Royalton. It is a large lake (1064 acres) used by the public year round for fishing , boating, duck hunting, and bird watching.  The lake can be conveniently accessed using any of the three public launches found on the south shore.  

Because of it's size, you'll find the occasional light plane practicing takeoffs and landings.  Even more rare is the site of the common Loon taking temporary residents before moving north for the summer. 

  White lake is known for great fishing featuring  Walleye, Perch, Bass, Blue Gills, Crappy, Bullhead and Northern Pike.  In Spring, you may even find enthusiastic Carp fisherman lighting up the waters at night.

You'll find many boating options including kayaking, jet skiing, pontoons and many small pleasure and fishing motor boats. 

Since White lake is a shallow lake, max. depth of 10 feet, the lake is best suited for smaller motor boats with shallow drafts although you will see larger power boats pulling water skiers and tubers. 

Because of the bountiful plant life throughout the lake, birds thrive on White lake.  The lake is very popular for duck hunting and bird watching. During the fall months, the lake contains "bird resting areas" for the security and safety of our bird life.  

In spring, you'll find dozens of tundra swans making temporary stops as well as our local Trumpeter swans who remains year round. The lake also features resident Bald Eagles and Osprey and many other birds both large and small.  

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